Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Prima in the House

New in the House
from Prima Flowers

So many new things arriving daily..... creates a lot of work for me.....opening boxes, pricing, taking photos, writing blogposts.... I'm pooped!  However, I shall keep calm and carry on!

Today I bring you Prima goodies.  Ahmazing!  Prima loveliness abounds - no disappointment here.

First up.....

A4 Paper Pads.  You know, the larger than normal, but smaller than 12x12 paper pads.  Lots of great pages packed in these.

Sweet cling and clear stamps.  Great images at an unbelievably low price!  Too many to choose from, so I got these to start with.

Junkyard Findings.  Gotta say - very interrrrrreeeeestink!  And Love Them!

Vintage Trinkets - Outstanding in the field!  I can really see some cool applications.  Wouldn't mind havin' a piece of jewlery done with these.

KEYS!  For me, the piece de resistance (ok, so I can't spell that, but I think you get my drift).  These keys are at least 2 knuckles tall (long?).  You get 7 - yes! 7 for a price of less than 80 cents each!  That's some bang for your buck!  Most keys we get?  2 bucks each!

And lastly but not leastly.....  Donna Downey's new homage to Starbucks....  Coffee to go cup canvas albums.  Check out how she used it in her cool art journal video on Inspiration Wednesday.  Made me up and buy them!  OH!  and if YOU want to recreate that art journal inspiration, we have all the other stuff used too!

Well, UPS and Fed Ex made a stop today so I'm sure I'll have more for you tomorrow.....  SO.....
Until next Post..... Happy Creatin'!

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