Wednesday, June 25, 2014

2014 July Classes

July 2014
Class Schedule

I am so excited by the lovely classes Lisa has for you this month.  We also have a fabulous class from Kelley Walker AND of course the workshops Dina Wakley is teaching for us.  So here's the schedule.....

Tag Pocket Cards
July 10 or 11

Cute pocket tags that hold a tag!  Beautiful Graphic 45 collection called Botanical Tea.  You will receive a template for the pocket tag.  So much fun for you to make ....  so much fun for those who receive!

Gelli Bound
Saturday, July 12

You know I love the Gelli....  And here is an all day class that lets you learn and do two things. You get to spend time Gelli printing in the morning, take a break for lunch and come back to create a beautiful journal from scratch using some of your prints.  Kelley will teach you a sturdy book binding technique you will want to use with all your journals from now on.  Don't miss out on this opportunity.

Altered Relatives
July 17 or 18

I think this is one of the most fun classes I've seen in a while.  Learn how to tint Tim's Found Relatives and then use them for cards or postcards.  You wouldn't want to do this with your own personal vintage photos, so do it to the Found Relatives!

Saturday, July 19th
Come and go from 10 am to 4 pm

Bring that smile of yours and have a visit while you look over Lisa's August Class Schedule samples, create a fabulous FREE Make-It-Take-It and check out all the new merchandise that has arrived throughout the last 30 days.  Bring a friend (or meet a few) and share the joy.  You'll be glad you did!

Ladies in Paris Canvas
July 22 or July 24

I have coveted the beautiful "ladies of Paris" stamps from B Line Designs.  Lisa has made this lovely canvas with them and a bit more.  So turn of the century yet so in vogue!

July 25 & 26th

My sweet friend, Dina Wakley returns for the 3rd time to teach another round of wonderful classes.  Dina packs a load of techniques into her classes and this year will be teaching with her wonderful new paints, brushes, stamps, and stencils.  She is one of  the most encouraging teachers I have brought in so join us for this wonderful opportunity to learn from one of the up and coming artists of our mixed media world!  Details can be found here:  Dina Wakley Workshops.  Classes are filling so make your decisions quickly and call or email ASAP.

Heritage in Bloom
July 31st or August 1

Stinkin' Cute!  Use your own photos or Tim's Found Relatives.  After you've made this one, you'll be ready to make more for your family members and have a Family Flower instead of a Family Tree!  Seriously, this is a wonderful project that makes a lovely gift for anyone.  You will need to bring an 8x10 Shadow Box frame. 

You must bring your BASIC KIT.  It includes scissors, pencil, tapes & adhesives, ruler, spongs, tweezers, exacto knife, small cutting mat, heat tool, craft sheet, bone folder, embossing pad, black ink pad & anything else you consider essential for crafting.

Payment of class fees is required to hold your place in class.  When classes have filled to capacity, an unpaid reservation will be held for 24 hours before being cancelled in favor of a paid reservation.  Cancellations must be made 2 business days prior to class in order to receive a credit or refund.  No credits or refunds issued for no shows. 

That's it for now.  Until next post..... Happy Creatin'!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pinterest Winner


So we had a great Demo Day.  Lisa created a lovely tag for Make-It-Take-It....  no photo this time, sorry.  We visited with lots of friends and Lisa's class schedule is a hit!

I hope to get the schedule on the blog this afternoon, but it might be tomorrow.  So thanks for your patience if I am a little late this time.

BUT.... the real reason for this post is to announce the winner of the Pinterest Page post.  So if you didn't have a chance to visit our Pinterest page, the new board is Retro Art Cafe Santos Dolls.  And here are the comment participants in order:

1.  linda on the prairie
2.  linda on the prairie
3.  Kelley
4.  Joni Kleinschmidt
5.  Dara Lynn
6.  Sharrilou
7.  Jana G
8.  Sue B
9.  Adona Haase

And the random integer says.....

It's #8 - Sue B!  Sue B come by to pick up your beautiful Santos Doll Kit (Medium size)!  

And the reason I created the new board is that this summer we will be using the Santos Doll kits for a swap!  Details to follow later this week.

That's it for now!  Until later....  Happy Creatin'!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


My Heart's Fancy

Some time ago I thought it a good idea to put My Heart's Fancy on Pinterest.  Seemed like a good idea and actually, I'm pretty sure it's working out well.  I pin new ideas every now and then....  many things I pin I think are great art ideas and there are some boards devoted to our favorite guest artists.  

TODAY I started a brand new board!  Can you guess what it is?  No?  Well, it's a board that has ideas for something coming up.  AND I thought I'd tease you just a bit.....  Here is a link to the My Heart's Fancy Pinterest page.  Have a look around and if you think you know which board is new, leave a comment about WHY you think I started it.  Don't tell what the board is called.....  just why you think I have decided to start it.  I will use the random integer generator to choose one comment.  The winner will receive an item related to the board valued at $9.50.  Remember.... do not name the board.  Tell me why I started this board.  DEADLINE FOR COMMENTS IS DEMO DAY (this Saturday, June 21st).

That's it for now!  Until next post..... Happy Creatin'!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dina Wakley Workshops

Dina Wakley
in the House
July 25 & 26

In case you didn't know, Dina Wakley is one of my all time favorite artists and I am always happy when she comes for a visit and to teach.  She was one of the first artists I asked to come to Oklahoma when I was learning to be brave.  You see, they can't come if you don't ask.  I still have to screw up my courage when I ask someone new to teach, but I'm getting better.  Didn't you have loads of fun when I got brave enough to ask Joanne Sharpe?  I know I did...

But I digress.... and you would like to know what she's going to teach, wouldn't you?  Lot's of information here so stay with me!

Conquering Color
Friday, July 25
10 am to 1 pm

This is part of Dina's new Art Journal Play Series which are about exploring and playing with art journaling techniques.  Do you have trouble deciding which colors to use together?  Join Dina as you conquer color!  You will make color charts with your paints and then you will practice specific color schemes.  You'll play with split-complementary, triadic, analogous with complement, just to name a few.  Dina will show you how to take each color scheme and make a vibrant page with it.  She will give you tips and techniques for managing color and using contrast effectively.  You'll mix ink and acrylics to give interesting layers and color effects.  
Supplies you need to bring:  Basic Class Kit, Art Journal (Dylusions  recommended), Gesso, Gel medium (DW Media recommended), Acrylic Paints, Rubber stamps, Black Archival Ink Pad, journaling pens.  Optional supplies:  ink sprays and stencils

Facing the Facts
Friday, July 25
3 pm to 6 pm

Dina has taught this one here before, but I still get requests for face art classes.  Dina says you CAN draw faces!  She taught herself to do it and she will teach you too.  Using easy tips, tricks and the "magic" pencil you will make artsy and interesting faces.  She'll also show you how to paint the faces with artistic, fun colors. 
Supplies you need to bring: Basic Class Kit, White gesso, Acrylic paints (must include Titanium White & a dark color for shadows such as raw umber or Payne's grey.  DW Media recommended - Night subs well for Payne's grey), Gel medium (matte - DW Media recommended), Small flat & small round paint brush (Claudine Helmuth assortment recommended).

Strong Powerful Women
Saturday, July 26
10 am to 1 pm

Another Art Journal Class, Dina will teach you to create art journal pages that represent strength and positive thought.  You will use Dina's new rubber stamp sets and stencils to create pages that are both beautiful and meaningful.  Dina will teach you about composition and creating pages from the bottom layer up.  Come and play with dina's stamps and stencils and have lots of fun!
Supplies you need to bring:  Basic Class Kit, art journal (Dylusions recommended), white acrylic gesso, Gel Medium (soft preferred such as DM Media Gel Medium), Acrylic paint (your favorite colors, include white, a dark neutral and a red/pink and a yellow), Plastic palette knife, paintbrushes, Black Archival ink pad.  Optional: ink sprays and stencils.

Beyond the Ink Pad
Saturday, July 26
3 pm to 6 pm

Another in the Art Journal Play series, this class explores one of our favorite additions, rubber stamps.   You will go beyond the ink pad and use stamps with Pan Pastels, acrylic paints, crayons, gelatos and more.  Dina will show you techniques for creating and then you will build finished pages on top of your stamping - that means you'll consider color, composition and layers as you finish your work.
Supplies you need to bring:  Basic Class Kit, art journal (Dylusions recommended), Gesso, Gel Medium (soft preferred - DM Media), acrylic paints, rubber stamps - bring your muses, Archival Black ink pad, journaling pens.  Optional:  PanPastels, Gelatos, watercolor crayons, ink sprays and stencils.

Enrollment is now open.  You may enroll by phone (405-509-6788), by email (, or by visiting the store in person.  Phone and email enrollments will be billed via PayPal unless other arrangements are made.

BASIC CLASS KIT DETAILS  Please be sure you have the following items in your basic kit.  Non-stick craft sheet, paint bushes, rag/cloth, pencil, scissors, water container to clean your brushes, scraper (Ranger or old plastic gift/hotel key card), palette paper or plastic plate to use as a palette (craft sheet will also work).

JOIN US for one or all of these wonderful classes.  If you have never taken a class from Dina before, now is the time.  You will have a wonderful, relaxed time and you will add a whole new set of techniques to your artistic arsenal.

That's it for now..... until next post..... Happy Creatin'!