Monday, June 4, 2012

Art Classes

Lisa has been teaching classes somewhere between 12 and 14 years now.  It's been a really fun ride and it is amazing to look back at what she taught in the beginning and what she teaches now.  "We've come a long way baby" just to paraphrase a well known saying.  Week before last Lisa taught a really fun "SheArt" style canvas class.   We'd had so many requests to teach the canvases I've created and set out as samples of ways to use the products we carry so we set out to create a class that could be done in a 2-3 hour time span.  Ours looked like this.....

On class night, Lisa threw out a couple of 6x6 paper pads and had everyone choose what they wanted to use for the dress, parasol, and body parts.  You could choose any combination or use what we used.  Then she put out a number of paints and brush markers.  With a little direction, everyone started in.  The results were incredible!  Here's a collage of the artists and their creations....  I wanted to keep them all and make a wall of them here in the shop.

click on picture to enlarge

I hope Lisa will find the time to create more classes for experimentation.... I know this one was so much fun for all.  It was certainly an exciting experiment for Lisa and me!  Next experimental class is the Don't Chunk It Continues.  You get to create your own masterpieces on junk mail.  It's Sunday, June 9th and there are still a few spaces left so call and reserve yours today!

That's it for now.....  Until next Post..... Happy Creatin'!


Kelley said...

Yes, Yes - me too!! I so love the classes where everyone puts their own spin on the project. Thank you Lisa and Maura!!

Sherry said...

the results are all so FUN

For me the "experiment with new technique classes" are the best ~ really get the creative juices flowing.