Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Products

Special Ordering

Every once in a while our suppliers do something very special that we get to share with you.  Today we were notified that we can share with you a "What's New" catalog of products that you can browse. 

See something you like?   Let us know and we can order it for you immediately.  We love this capability and used it with the  Fall 2011 Spellbinder catalog.  You have seen it on the sidebar.  You click on it and you are able to view the entire catalog (it's still an active link, so feel free to browse it as well).  The catalog will be available on the sidebar from now on, but you can click "What's New"  now to view it.  This catalog is filled with things that were released at the Spring CHA show.  You will notice a number of great product lines.  We may not stock it, but we can get it for you anytime!

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