Thursday, August 1, 2013

2013 Summer Swap


We like swaps....  we really do.  This one was a little different.  Instead of making 12 of something (tag, card, postcard, shape), we decided it would be fun for participants to create one altered object to swap.  Now, you could do more than one if you wanted, but it only took one to participate.

We chose a masonite shrine from Coffee Break Designs.  No theme.... just create from the heart.  

To be fair I couldn't choose the swaps for partipants, so swaps were wrapped in a manner recognizable only by the contributing artist. When it was time to pick up the swaps, each artist blindly picked a bag and the rest is history!

But, YOU would like to see what was created, wouldn't you?  Here are the photos.....

 A stunning patriotic contribution by Alice Meares

A beautiful floral design by Darla McLeroy

The coolest Bee Box by Linda Kobosky

A fine piece of art by Linda Corbin-Young

Butterfly magic by Marie Brown

A perfect Angel blessing shrine by Mary Buck

A bejeweled beauty by Linda Corbin-Young

Hi-ho Silver and Away! by Alice Meares

The Queen of Hearts flew in from Delaware by the ever talented Suze Perrott

And last, but certainly not least.... a Halloween cabin by Nicole Kohmescher

Lisa and I were devastated that we were unable to get ours finished as we definately wanted every single one of these pieces of art!

Hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of art from a few of our many talented friends.

That's it for now..... Until next post..... Happy Creatin'!

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Linda Corbin Young said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and those I received in return. Thanks so much for hosting!