Friday, October 6, 2017

Jodi Ohl

Workshop Recap
Jodi Ohl's
2 Day Zen Painting Workshop

Oh my!  Did we ever have fun learning abstract painting techniques from Jodi Ohl!  Seriously, it was fun and exciting.  Jodi was such a great teacher.  She guided us through the steps with ease and Lisa and I were lucky enough to get to join in.  What a great experience!

So we started day 1 with 4 mini gesso boards and we learned a number of shading and doodling techniques.  Then we spend time putting those techniques to work.....

And on day 2 we created a larger composition and added color.  Everyone's work was amazing and unique to the artist.....

You can see how different and unique each one is.  Thanks, Andi, Mary, and Teresa for letting me photo you guys in action.  

Loved this wonderful workshop and can't believe I didn't get a photo of Jodi in action.  We're already working on the next one for fall of 2018, so if you missed this one, make plans to treat yourself to the next one!  

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Kelley Walker said...

It was SO much fun! Thank you for creating such a fun and nurturing space for all of us to create!! <3