Friday, June 30, 2017

Class Review

Master Page Creation!

I haven't been blogging much over the last few years.  It seems that this is the best place to post the class schedule and announce guest artist workshops.  But.... I think it's time to change that.  There is always a lot happening here and it's time you heard a little crowing now and then.

Lisa is sooooo talented.  Really talented.  She is always learning new techniques and trying to bring them to the classroom.  And her students always come away with so much from her classes.

Anyhoo....  all that to say WOW!  What a class we had yesterday!  

So I wanted to show you just a little taste of yesterday's Master Page Creation Part 1.  I'm hoping you'll get so excited you can convince her to put it on the schedule several more times.....

The idea is to create one large piece of artwork you can use to create many other items from.  This particular class is of the "artsy" kind.... you know, you use paints, stencils, markers and what comes out is unique to each one making the creation.  Here are a few samples of some of the "work in progress".  

Each one is unique.  Most of these photos are of the beginning stages.  Lisa taught us so many wonderful things from beginning to end.  Sunday will be the Part 2 class where those who wanted to create from their "master creation" will make 3 very quick and easy items using their papers.  

I am hoping Lisa will add this class to the schedule regularly.  I have already had a few who participated ask for a repeat!

Thanks for visiting the blog today.  

Let the Art Out of Your Heart and Create Everyday!

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