Friday, October 9, 2015

Halloween Swap 2015

Join us for a fun......

Fall/Halloween Greeting Card Swap

For the first time ever, we are swapping greeting cards.  Create 10 Fall or Halloween cards to swap with others.  You can create any size and use any materials you wish.  Be sure to include envelopes with your swaps.  I will swap them, photo them and post them on Facebook so you can see all the cards submitted.  There is no cost to participate and no reservation required.  

Turn in your swaps by 4 pm on October 17th.  If you cannot drop them off personally on or before Saturday, you can mail them to me.  Just make sure they arrive here by Tuesday, the 20th.

Pick-up date:  Saturday, Oct 24th - Demo Day!

Not local?  No problem.  Mail them so they arrive by Tuesday, October 20th and you can be included.  I will return them to you by mail (just include a mailing label and I'll send your swaps back at no cost).  

Have fun!  

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