Friday, September 5, 2014

Simple Storage

Stencil Storage

So, storage seems to be a problem for everyone.  So many stamps, so little space... so many stencils, so many tangles...  so many ink pads, so little space...  so many dies, so little space....  the list goes on and on.  

Not too long ago I was reading Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's blog.  Now, you know she is one of the Queens of stencils.  Her designs are a favorite in the Crafter's Workshop line.  Anyway, she was talking about how she stores her stencils and it made total sense to me.  Here's what she inspired me to do:  

Grab a D-ring scrapbook binder! 'You want D-rings 'cuz your pages will stick out from the binder if you don't.  There are lots out there.....  I used one from American Crafts. 

Lots of colors available, chipboard covers & fabric.  All of them are good......

I chose the chipboard with lime green fabric on the spine (cuz there is no orange and I kinda like lime).  You can paint or stencil on the fabric covers.  You can paint, stencil, paper or collage on the chipboard ones.   I keep saying I'm going to get mine fussed up.  I'll make a commitment right now - as soon as I do it I'll publish a pic.  Now I'm going to have to get to it - right?!

Then you'll need 12"x12" page/scrapbook protectors.  We R Memory and American Crafts make many different configurations in 12"x12" page styles.

You can get (and I keep them in stock) 12x12 full sheet,  6x6 pockets (4 pockets to a 12x12 sheet) and 4x4 pockets (9 to a 12x12 sheet). The American Crafts binders come with 10 12x12 single sheet protectors.  Good for a start, but you'll need more if you have lots of stencils.  Anyhoo.....  here's what they'll look like when you start to fill them:

 6x6 pockets

12x12 sheet

Didn't photo my 4x4 sheets, but you get the drift.  

Protectors keep your stencils from tangling and they are easy to see.  Your notebooks will store easily on a shelf.  You might be able put 2 stencils in each pocket.  If you do, you'll want to place paper between them so you can easily see the individual stencils and keep them untangled in their pockets.

We have the D-ring notebooks in stock and all 3 of the sheet protector styles in stock.  Hope this idea makes your stencil storage easier....  I know it has made mine so much simpler!

That's it for now!   Until next post.... Happy Creatin'! 


Dara Lynn said...

great idea for stencil storage !!! said...

This is how I store my stencils too. But I add a sheet of colored paper behind th stencil so that the design shows up. Also you can use front and back of pocket without entanglements this way..