Thursday, July 17, 2014

Demo Day Reminder

Demo Day
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Saturday is Demo Day.  We always have fun.  Lisa and I really enjoy seeing everyone.  It's kinda like having a big birthday party but I always forget the cake and ice cream.  We'll have a few new things for you to see (um, purchase should you feel the need to splurge), and Lisa has been hard at work on the August class schedule.  It's the usual line-up of fun and games.   Anyhoo....  I just wanted to remind you it's Saturday AND I wanted to tell you this too......

We ARE going to have a Summer Swap....  it's a Make-One-Get-One swap.  We recently found some really cute Santos Cage Doll Kits from our friend, Kristin, at Coffee Break Design.  It got me to thinkin' (uh oh....  never know where that will go).  Anyway, we have 3 sizes but you choose the small or medium ($8 & $10 respectively), decorate or alter anyway you want and return it by August 16th (August Demo Day) in a sealed bag marked in a way that is known only to you.  You get to "blind" pick your "Get One" on or after August 23rd.  Now you know why the bag is sealed and marked in a way known only by you (wouldn't want to pick your own would you?  Oh, I guess you might, but.....).  If you want some inspiration you can go to our Pinterest page called "Retro Art Cafe Articulated Santos Dolls".  Don't freak out... some of those dolls are pretty incredible.  You can do it..  I know you can cuz YOU are pretty incredible!

That's it for now!  See you Saturday!  Until then.... Happy Creatin'!

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