Thursday, November 29, 2012

road construction

A Funny Thing Happened.....

on the way to the shop the other day.....  As I approached 164th and pennsylvania I noticed a long line of traffic.  what the hey?  at 9:30 am?  this is not right!

guess what!  the road construction is beginning.  yes.... little things have been going on, but now it looks like we will really see some activity.

the street lights at 164th & penn have been removed in preparation for the intersection improvement.  it is now a 4 way stop sign intersection.

that means.....  yes, you guessed it..... looooong lines of cars approaching our shopping center.  

if you have an evening class, you might want to plan a few extra minutes of travel time.

it's not unbearable, just a bit inconvenient.  and the inconvenience will be long forgotten when the new intersection is finished.

i'll keep you posted as new bits of construction begin.  after all, we will all be happy when pennsylvania itself is 4 lanes and smooooooooth.  won't we?  i will. 

that's it for now..... until next post..... happy creatin'!

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