Monday, July 25, 2011

Artful Illusions Workshop Weekend


This was one of the most amazing weekends we have ever enjoyed here at the shop!  Many thanks to Joni Russell of Mrs. O'Leary's in Wichita Kansas.  Many of you have been to Joni's fine establishment.  Lisa has been a big fan for many years and recently introduced me and a number of you to her wonderful line of rubber stamps called Artful Illusions.  We were so honored this weekend to have Joni teach 4 amazing classes.   Joni was incredible.  She held nothing back.  She laughed and she held your hand and helped you when you couldn't quite get it right.   We all loved her so much and she loved us right back.  She is generous and patient beyond belief.  We hope we can get her back for another round of classes when her schedule allows.  And if you couldn't make it this time, we hope you will next time.  Here's a little bit of what we did.....

Copper Bracelet Class
This was one intense class.  You cannot begin to imagine how much information was given in this class.  Beautiful works of art were created.  I was overwhelmed and glad to have watched it twice.

Hang-Ups Mobile
This class was a lot of fun.  The tags were incredible, the mobile exciting. We were glad we chose to have this project taught. 

The Nature Box & Tags
I was so busy I forgot to take pictures of these two classes.  Lisa and I got to help.  Course, Joni was the star and she made everything so much fun, even learning a few things from us about "distressing" & "dressing-up" the box!

Trunk Show
OMG.....  I had no idea or I woulda shouted it from every rooftop I coulda found.  Joni brought darn near every rubber stamp she makes.  Samples were everywhere.  I know a lot of you missed out on this incredible opportunity.  Maybe we can get her to stop on her way back from teaching somewhere south so you can shop this incredible collection.  

That's it for now..... Until next post..... Happy Stampin'!

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