Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Demo Day Fun


Bottle caps are all the rage and we are so pleased to have them back after so long.  Bottle caps are versatile and fun.... Think bookmarks, canvases, jewelry, magnets, name tags, embellishments.....  They come in 4 sizes.  If you made it by for our Demo Day last week, you were able to make one that could be a magnet or lapel pin. Check out these really cute ideas.....

Demo Day Cuties
Three of 4 sizes..... Super Jumbo, Jumbo & Standard.  Not shown are Mini (1/2") and Flattened Standard.
Really cute stickers you can use inside the Standard size caps. You get 60 stickers in a package... AND we have punches for every size cap so you can punch paper to fit any of them.  Your only limitations are your very own imagination.  Once you get started making them, you will have a blast!  Drop by for inspiration and pick up a few of all the sizes.  Super Jumbo, Jumbo and standard are available by the piece.  Mini & flattened come packaged in 12's......

That's it for now..... Until next post..... Happy Stampin'!

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