Thursday, May 13, 2010


Just a reminder that Demo Day will be Saturday, the 22nd (which is 1 week from Saturday). Wouldn't want you to miss it and it's technically the 4th Saturday of the month rather than the 3rd. It's always confusing when the 1st falls on a Saturday or Sunday so we often use the Saturday at the end of the 3rd week. Hope you'll join us. It's FREE and come & go from 10am to 4pm. We pack it up at 4 so please try to make it by 3:45 if you want to do the Make-It-Take-It.


New 7 gypsies..... theme is called Avignon and it's fun.

Assortment of embellishments

Assortment of papers

New Hero Hues..... there is more to come, but this is the 1st of it. It's all color cordinated making it easy to create a fast card without having to overthink what color goes with what..... as you can see we got the chalk pads, mixed card packs (and envelopes which aren't pictured) and matching fabric flowers.

You're gonna want some of all of it so hurry on over and get it quick!

That's it for now..... until next post..... Happy Stampin'!

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Honey Lamb and I said...

Looks like some fun new stuff! I miss you guys and need to head up! I have been out of town and then really sick! Oh and guess what!?!? My mom and I are going to Wisconsin in October for Catherine Moore's workshop at the Assemblage Studio if you guys want to come and go!!!!