Thursday, February 26, 2009

What's New at My Hart's Fancy


Somerset Apprentice - SomErSet'S neWesT ..... This is the premiere issue and looks very interesting. Various well known artists share tips and techniques and their artwork. Get it quick before it's gone here and at the newstands!

Somerset digital studio ..... this issue is filled with wonderful digital art. If you are a digital photo/paper junkie artist like me, you'd better get it. Something for everyone in these pages and I'll fight ya for it.

Somerset Studio - You know it, you like it.....just get it. Featuring small canvas work and paper doll articles.

Take Ten - Great cards in 10 minutes or less how-tos. And you know it, like it and have to have it.

Blog Special: Surprise gift when you purchase all four!

Store Event: If you are so inclined to visit on Sunday we are having a Teaposy Tea Party from 2pm to 5pm. We are sampling Blooming Teas and "little bites" made from the cheeseball mixes that are not cheeseballs. Should be a blast.....hope you'll think about coming by.

That's all for now! Card instructions for demo card to follow next week.

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