Friday, January 30, 2009

I've been slackin in the reportin, but then, lately the new products have been flyin off the shelves faster than I can report. Here's a little reminder about the Tag Swap and a quick photo/description of what just arrived. And thank you for checkin in again!

Valentine Tag Swap - Still in progress. Your tags are due next Saturday, the 7th. Some are already here......really cool......Get with it! You'll be glad when you pick up yours on Valentine's Day, Saturday, February 14th. Very appropriate.

New Chalk Pad Colors - Really. We got Blackbird (it's black), Gray Whale (yes, gray), Popcorn (white - nice), Sour Apple (very interesting bluish green), Ocean (ooooh, so blue) and Toffee (pinkish taupe). Buy 'em - try 'em - you'll like 'em.

New Glues - New Favorites. Scrappy Glue - a favorite of one of our favorites, Miss Malone, this glue was once missing in action but now has been found. Try it, you'll like it. Alleenes Fast Grab Tacky Glue - Lisa's glue of choice. Always on the classroom trays. It's fast and tacky.

New Character Constructions - Oh Yeah Baby. Whole new collection called Bird & Bees Paperie. Very cool. Check it out!

New Ribbons - Yup.....really nice ones. New ones have chenile dots and are available in 5 colors. Several new colors of mini silk ribbon and now we have white and soft pink in the ivy leaf style. Brown with white dots is sheer.

That's it for today.....until next post.....Happy Stampin'!

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